Illiana Foodies will feature bloggers residing in Indiana and Illinois who love…food! Aside from bringing you reviews on Illiana restaurants, bars, and eateries- we will also be bringing you some of our own home recipes! Not just the ones that go well and taste awesome…but those trial-and-error recipes too.

We will leave the fancy adjectives checked at the door (because let’s face it, anyone can look up “tastes so good” in the thesaurus and sound elegant)- and we’re just like you! We’re not chefs, we didn’t go to culinary school, and we don’t have writing degrees…we’re just people living in the Illiana world who love to experience and try new foods. And of course we want to share that with you!

So buckle up, get out the fork and knife, and get ready to drool…(or salivate, or spittle, or you get the point).

(Page still under construction). Come back for more soon!